MeDD organized a 1-day symposium on infusion technology May 22. This symposium aimed at bringing together researchers, doctors, nurses and clinical physicist in the field of drug delivery. More than 80 people attended from 11 different countries. Below you will find the program and presentations.

Session 1 Results MeDD (1)

Session 2 Multi-infusion and new technologies

Session 3 Clinical applications and policy

  • IV management and IV peripheral compliicatoins in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (UMC Utrecht, Agnes van den Hoogen)
  • Precise and low variability drug dosing: where infusion technology and medication management meet (Utrecht University / UMC Utrecht, Toine Egberts)
  • Infusion technology: challenges and pitfalls (Tergooi Hospital, Jeroen Verbunt)
  • Improving insulin infusion method in the intensive care unit: from in vitro assessment to clinical data (Centre Hospitalier Régional / Lille University, Stéphanie Genay and Gilles Lebuffe)

Session 4 Results MeDD (2)